10 digits

By Greenapsis Technology

10 digits10 digits10 digits10 digits10 digits

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This app changes all your contacts to 10 digits, deleting unnecessary digits or causing problems with the new dialing.

We are two young entrepreneurs of SPGG graduates of Eng. Mechatronics of Tec de Mty finding solutions for Mexicans.


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** Changes are made automatically, to see the changes reflected in your device restart applications that use the information of your contacts (messaging applications) **

** This app in no way stores your contacts, only modify the wrong digits **

As of August 3 of this year, the new dialing will be 10 digits.

The new dialing must be used to call any national landline or cell phone number, always dialing 10 digits, from any landline or cell phone.

< br> From August 3 to September 2, 2019, if the user dials 01, 044, 045 or 7/8 digits he will hear a message remembering that it will no longer be necessary to use these prefixes, then his call will be completed.
< br>
As of September 3, 2019, a message will be heard indicating that the prefix you have dialed is invalid and you will be asked to check your dialing to complete the call.

This app saves you a lot of time because it prevents you from having to edit each of your contacts manually.

Update your contacts with one click.

Ex. - the numbers you have with the prefixes 044, 045, 01 and 1 will be modified to 10 digits, only the prefix will be removed.

044 (55) 000-00000 changes to -