A4 Aquaprint workshop challenge

By RedTower

A4 Aquaprint workshop challengeA4 Aquaprint workshop challengeA4 Aquaprint workshop challenge

It's simple - choose your favorite colors, mix them, and then dip the item into the water. The result will not be long in coming - fashionable and bright prints on a variety of things:

* Gamepad
* Mobile phone
* Tablet
* Wireless headphones
* Giroskuter
* Drone
* Stylish clothes
* Branded sneakers
* Cool accessories
* And much more!

A4 Aquaprint is a great opportunity to reveal your creative potential, give free rein to your imagination and show your individuality! Well, if you are bored, sad, or just tired of gray everyday life - color them using the application. Immerse yourself in the world of bright colors and creativity!

And with the help of the application you can arrange funny challenges with your friends. For example, who will be better at dyeing sneakers =)

If you have long wanted to say thank you to your favorite blogger, but do not know how - Download the application, put stars and LEAVE VLAD TO THE TOP!
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