By Regione Lombardia


allertaLOM is the App of the Lombardy Region that allows you to receive the Civil Protection alerts issued by the Lombardy Region Natural Risk Monitoring Functional Center, in anticipation of natural events with possible damage in the area.

allertaLOM, on the occasion of the Coronavirus emergency in Lombardy has evolved into a tool for the active participation of citizens in monitoring the spread of the virus and a channel of updated information on regional provisions on the subject, through two new functions:
• CercaCovid - participation in the CercaCovid survey allows the Lombardy Region to quantify the level of spread of the infection and the territorial distribution of positivity, based on the symptoms reported by users. The data collected are used for statistical and epidemiological analyzes, which are essential to help health authorities define models and strategies to combat Coronavirus. The questionnaire is voluntary, completely anonymous, does not include any geolocation and does not replace a medical evaluation of one's condition. Participating is important, even in the absence of symptoms: the more data you receive, the more accurate the picture of the situation.
• Notifications on the Coronavirus emergency in Lombardy - push notifications have been activated with the link to the institutional portal page that contains updates on the topic. Notifications can be disabled by the user in the appropriate section.
Download the App to:
• participate in the active monitoring of the spread of Coronavirus;
• receive updated information on the actions undertaken by the Lombardy Region for the Coronavirus emergency
• customize the reception of notifications on latest regional provisions regarding the Coronavirus emergency
• keep up to date on the Civil Protection alerts in Lombardy;
• monitor the alert situation on the preferred Municipalities or on the whole region;
• follow the evolution on map of alert levels within 36 hours;
• customize the receipt of notifications on all natural risks or on individual risks;
• receive notifications on the issue of alerts in the preferred Municipalities on the selected risks ;
• download and consult the alert documents
How the civil protection alert works in the Lombardy Region
• The alerts concern foreseeable natural risks (hydrogeol ogic, hydraulic, strong thunderstorms, strong wind, snow, avalanches and forest fires) and present increasing levels of criticality (green, yellow, orange, red code) depending on the severity and extent of the phenomena. The alert documents are intended for the local Civil Protection system and provide indications for activating the contrast measures provided for in the Municipal Civil Protection Plans. For citizens, alerts are a tool for knowing when to take self-protection measures, following the directions of the local Civil Protection Authority. For more information, see the page on the alerts on the Lombardy Region Portal.