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Danmichi Alarm-Orario Days-Danmichi Alarm-Orario Days-Danmichi Alarm-Orario Days-Danmichi Alarm-Orario Days-

The first series of the TV series will be broadcast in 2015, and the second series of the TV series will start broadcasting from July 2019. Two heroines appearing in the popular anime "Don't you ask for a meeting in the dungeon?" Alarm apps for Hestia (CV: Inori Mizuse) and Eyes Wallenstein (CV: Saori Onishi) appear!

The voices of Hestia and Eyes included in the app are all new recordings!
In addition, the included illustrations contain a large number of new illustrations including animation drawn by J. C. STAFF!
A lot of other nice features such as timer function and stamp function!
Let's make it a fun everyday with two heroines, “Will it be wrong to ask a dungeon to meet?”!
※ The number of voices included and the number of illustrations include additional charges due to separate charges.

■ app summary
You can create your own alarm by combining three recorded voice with one alarm.
Select your favorite illustration from the included illustrations and set it as your background!
Your favorite custom should be found! Since up to 10 alarms can be set, let's have Hestia and Eyes tell you the time to wake up in the morning, the time with important promises, the day of taking out trash, etc.!

An example of a recorded voice ▼
"The morning has come. Here, let's get up early!"
"If you're an adventurer, it's time to start moving." br> "It's about time to leave. You're going to the dungeon today. If so, don't prepare."

"Good morning. Morning training, go?"
"I'm late. But I do ... good?
"Let's do a special training for naps. Because I have to be able to go to sleep anytime and anywhere."

■ "Familia Pack" to extend the voices and illustrations that can be customized
Familia Pack can be purchased separately to extend the voices and illustrations that you can customize.
This recording voice is all new recording, and all illustrations are new drawing.

An example of recording voice ▼
"Welcome, I wanted to see you soon!"
"I was in a dream !? I in a dream What did you do to you?
"Well, if you ask, that's fine ...

Eyes Wallenstein
" Training is important, but snacks But I think it's important ... I think. "If you laugh, I'm glad, I wonder."
"I like you, I like it, I wonder."

"Stamp collection"
In this app you can get up once a day at a set time and get a stamp once a day by stopping the alarm.
You can get one new drawn illustration that can be used for custom every 5 collections, and you can get up to 3 illustrations.

■ ■ ■ ■ Please check before purchasing ■ ■ ■
[necessary environment] If you purchased a model with a model that is not, will not be eligible for refund and all support You

【Recommended environment】
Android 5.0 or higher
※ Required operating environment is "Android 4.4" or higher.

Android4.4 or later model
※ Some models and tablet devices are not supported.

※ Please note that the operation with the OS that is not in the above will not be covered by warranty / refund and all support.
※ Please note that support for other SIM-free terminals and cheap smartphones is not covered.

■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ When purchasing this application will be considered as agreed to the terms of use listed in the following URL automatically.
Please make sure to check before purchasing.

▼ This application requires at least 300MB of free space at the time of installation.
Please check your free space and make a purchase.
▼ It takes time to download and install.
Depending on the conditions of use, it may take a long time, so please be aware in advance. If you use this application in an environment with poor communication when communicating within the application, such as purchasing items at a shop, data may be damaged or settings may be lost.
Be sure to use it in a place where communication is good. Due to the specifications of Android OS, the alarm activation time may be delayed several minutes from the set time.
▼ Depending on the terminal you use, there may be a delay in operation or a layout breakdown may occur.

■■■ Contact ■■■
Please contact support from the inquiries on the following page.
※ We hope you can read the frequently asked questions listed on the following page before you make an inquiry.
【Page URL】
【Email support window】
Business hours: (except weekends and holidays )
weekdays from 10:00 to 17:00

※ Please email the behavior and problems of the app, questions etc.
※ We accept inquiries by e-mail from time to time, but we will reply only during business hours.
Thank you for your understanding.

If you use email settings, you may not receive a reply.
Please allow me to inquire after accepting the domain of "@ d777.jp".

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