Dino 3D

By Howdy Games

Dino 3DDino 3DDino 3DDino 3DDino 3D

The famous dinosaur Google Chrome has migrated to 3D space: 3
Try to run as far as you can!
Set records, compete with your friends, earn coins and buy skins.

The game is developing and at the moment is in OBT (open beta testing).
Developed by youtuber Howdy Ho with the support of a large audience of subscribers!
Thanks to everyone who participates and helps in the development of the game.

I would like to say a special thank you (this section will be supplemented):
- Nikita Belokonov for a cool soundtrack https://vk.com/n.whorse
- To all participants in CBT testing
- To all participants of the channel "Skins for Dino 3D"
- Aidar Ayupov https://github.com/preposition17 Vildan Safin https://github.com/Enigma228322 for inspiration about 3D models
- Rifat Fazlutdinov https://github.com/Rifat-Fazlutdinov for telegram bugreport bot
- Arnur Bekbolov https://vk.com/kurasaiiiii for skins ideas

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