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Dlf AudiothekDlf AudiothekDlf AudiothekDlf AudiothekDlf Audiothek

Listen live Deutschlandfunk, Deutschlandfunk Kultur and Deutschlandfunk Nova. Discover editorially selected contributions, or create your own program.

In addition to the live radio streams you will find in the Dlf audio library all broadcast content from the three programs of Deutschlandfunk. If you would like to follow the recommendations of our editors, then browse through "Discover".

Configure your favorite shows on shortcut buttons in My Radio and listen to the last show. Or would you like to have all posts from all three programs on favorite topics? You can also select this under "My radio". The current contributions of your favorite programs and topics you can play as your personal program, if you start "my radio". Did not use the app for a long time? The quick access buttons in "My Radio" will show you when there is new content.

If you are on the go and want to listen to the radio without an internet connection, simply download the desired posts in advance (some We are not allowed to download contributions for licensing reasons). You will find them in "My Archive". You can also find the articles marked as favorites here.

Do you want to listen to a contribution? Did you miss a broadcast or did you notice it? Through our search you will find everything we have sent in the last six months.

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