Gundam Breaker Mobile

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Gundam Breaker MobileGundam Breaker MobileGundam Breaker MobileGundam Breaker MobileGundam Breaker Mobile

Run through the battlefield with the strongest Gunpla!
Gundam Breaker, where you collect parts and make your own Gunpla, is now a smartphone app.

■ Create your own Gunpla!
Combine your favorite parts to create one Gunpla in the world.
There are various Gunpla coloring presets, and you can easily paint to your favorite coloring just by selecting.
Furthermore, the completed Gundam can be shot in a photo studio.
Shoot in various situations and poses, and use the SNS posting function to attract your proud aircraft.

■ Gunpla action with simple operation and flashy!
Go to the battlefield with a gunpla assembled quickly.
Various actions are possible with intuitive and simple operations unique to smartphones.
Furthermore, with an auto play function unique to smartphone apps.
You can play freely anytime you are busy or in the gap.

■ "Gundam Model x Youth" Original Gunpla Gakuen Story
The original mechanism designed by Kunio Okawara and Akira Yasuda and the original character drawn by Mr. Taiki
Original Gunpla school story.
Furthermore, the opening movie of the gem that Masami Obari worked on as a storyboard was also recorded.

"Aim! Gunpla Battle Inter High Win!"

Check out the original Gunpla Gakuen story with encounters, parting and conflicts through Gunpla Battle.

[Gundam Breaker Mobile is recommended for these people! ]
"Gundam fans who have no eyes on the Gundam series!"
-I like the Gundam series mechas, characters, and stories
-I want a battle game featuring Gundam series mechas and characters
-Looking for a popular game where Gundam fights-
-Major characters such as Amuro want to play a Gundam game that boosts Gundam battle with character cut-in-
I want to reproduce the confrontation of the Federation vs. Zeon with Gundam games
-I want to enjoy games that fight with familiar characters such as Amuro and Char in Gundam games
-With the Gundam app that you can enjoy the world of your favorite Gundam Looking for a battle game

"People who like Gundam, Gunpla fans!" I like to play
-I like Gunpla, so I want to play with custom and moving Gunpla freely
-I want to move mobile suits that I have collected with Gunpla in online games
-Easy I want to enjoy custom gunpla on my smartphone
・ I want to experience gunpla parts custom and painting with one hand
・ I want to play a Gundam game based on the concept of Gunpla
・ I made it I want to enjoy shooting Gunpla in various poses and backgrounds

"Persons who like Gundam action games!"
・ I want to move Gundam freely and do battles
・I want to enjoy Gundam's action battle in a flashy direction
・ I am looking for a game that makes it easier to enjoy action battles than games that require strategy
・ Full Gundam 3D
I want to fight in the battle of the
・ I want to enjoy the action battle game using Gundam
・ I want to play the action game of Gundam where the robot fights instead of the game where people fight against people

"People who like attractive stories and characters!"
・ I want to read and enjoy reading stories with good reading
・ I want to read stories with attractive characters
・I want to enjoy youth stories about the school and club activities
-I want to experience the story from the hero's perspective-
-I want to read a limited Gunpla story only here-
-Gundam series and Gundam stories I like it and I want to check the original story

[Operating environment, other inquiries]
Lee, please interest ⽤ always in the operating environment described in the above link. Even if you use it in the
work environment, the app
may not work properly due to your usage conditions and model-specific factors.

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