Intact Game


Intact Game

Intact Game is an app with a variety of puzzle games, download it and you will have unlimited joy.

The Milk Game Collection contains the following puzzle games:
-- fill in the line
· Draw lines according to the given figure (shape)
· Fill the entire panel with one line
-- hexagonal squares
Drag and drop hexagonal squares and place them in the panel
· Fill all cells
--Digital connection
· Drag the glowing lines to connect the bulbs of the same color
· Connect all points on the panel, in other words, fill all the cells
--Sliding puzzle
· Move the square and connect the wires between the bulbs
· When all wires are connected, the bulb will light up
--square square
· Another fun game like a hexagonal square
Drag and drop squares and place them in the panel
· Fill all cells

·Simple but unique puzzle
· Suitable for players of all ages
·Fresh and simple picture design
· Wide support for a variety of mobile phones and tablets
· No need for Wi-Fi, you can play offline! You can play anywhere!
· No time limit! I want to play for a long time!