MeowApp - Cute Cat Sound App

By AnBlow

MeowApp - Cute Cat Sound AppMeowApp - Cute Cat Sound AppMeowApp - Cute Cat Sound AppMeowApp - Cute Cat Sound AppMeowApp - Cute Cat Sound App

Ever wanted to do crazy things with your cute cat and not able to do more than just taping and listening low quality meow sounds ? Try this crazy App

MeowApp is a cat soundboard app built specially for crazy cat lovers in mind. It is not a regular cat sound app, It has automatic modes and much more advanced features like multiple tap cat sound and other fun features to give awesome and fun experience to user like never before. There are so many cat sound app around the app store but none of them are offering crisp and high quality of cat sound effects in their app, so We come with this advanced and beautifully designed cute cat sound app that offers so many variety of features and crisp high Quality cat sound effect. It has not also automatic modes but also offers multiple tap sound mode that never experienced before.

Basic mode contains play cat sound as a normal cat sound effect with set it as a ringtone, notification, alarm and share cat sound Features. You can also set your favorite cute cat photo as a wallpaper. You can also share or send your cat sound app to friends from Whatsapp.

Infinite mode contains almost endless possible combinations of cat sound pitch variations that produces cat sound effect differently at each time you tap on it by defining minimum and maximum pitch values. App is used for cat sound ringtone, cat sound game, cat sounds real, cat sounds app, cat sounds for rats and much more.

Automatic mode is unique Mode that Contains Random meow, Magic! meow, Custom random meow cat sound effect that produces cute cat sounds in a such a way that they are meowing in a group. It supports min max pitch variations with min max delay variations too that creates awesome cat sound clowder effect. After turning on automatic mode check out your cat reactions. This app is specially developed for girls who really love cute kittens so they are gonna enjoy this with their kittens too.

MeowApp cat sound app contains a collection of different types of cute cat sounds like funny, angry, hissing, cute, purring and much more cat and kitten sounds. So get set go and play with your cute cat and see the funny reactions and share it on social media. This cat meow app can also set your favorite cat sounds as a ringtone, notification and add sound as a favorite list so that you can enjoy it more of it. Girls definitely gonna enjoy this cat meow app or cat sound app with your favorite pet lol.

============ Features Highlights ============

- 60 Crisp and high quality cat and kitten sounds.

- Supports multiple tap sound mode with around 600 different pitch variations from over 60 Meow sounds.

- Magic! meow mode plays all meow sounds automatically with different pitch and random in order with variations so it creates a unique cat sounds simulation effect like never experienced before.

- In Custom random meow mode user can select multiple meow sounds and play them randomly by a single tap.

- In Random meow mode only one cat sound plays randomly at a single tap.

- Supports pitch variations in Infinite pitch with delay variations in Automatic Modes.

- You can also set cat or kitten photo as a Wallpaper.

- Share cat sound app through whatsapp, e-mail or any other social media, or even you can save them on device.

- User can set cat sound as favorites, for quick play.

- Can set cat sound as a ringtone, notification and alarm.

- It also contains other sounds like rain, cricket, wind (in future updates more sounds will be added).

- MeowApp cat sound app also supports tablets from popular variants.

We are coming with more awesome features or updates for this cat sound app soon, so keep supporting us and give us a feedback and suggestions in a review section below.

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