Mr. Top!

By Thiago Bastos Neves

Mr. Top!Mr. Top!

The Mr. Topp Game! was designed with the aim of entertaining the child without stimulating consumerism.

With fun sounds and animations the little ones will love trying to catch Mr. Topp!

The main objective of the game is to catch the "Mr. Topp!" 5 times, when this happens the player wins and it is necessary to restart the game.

If the player makes more mistakes than hits the player may lose the game and it will also be necessary to restart the game!

The game Mr. Topp! it was designed to be a lightweight game, so it does not require smartphones with powerful hardware, and can be run on all levels of Smartphone!

the game takes up 4MB of space on the smartphone's memory card, that represents consumption of about 0.02% of a 32GB SD card!

It's very light!