My 4ka

By Swan Mobile, a. s.

My 4kaMy 4kaMy 4ka

With the Moja 4ka mobile app, you can access your up-to-date consumption and access to minutes, SMS and data balances instantly. You can easily activate, deactivate or change selected services. With the option of saving a credit card, you can keep your payment for services or automatic credit top-up on your credit card.

With the My 4ka mobile app you can:
- easily and quickly recharge your credit, credit amount,
- activate, deactivate or change selected services,
- switch between multiple phone numbers,
- set up card payments or charge credit automatically from your credit card.

My mobile app 4ka you can login:
- single login via SMS code,
- login via username and password (this access requires prior registration on the 4ky My Zone customer portal).