By Salling Group


We have made Netto for you, so you can save both time and money when you shop in your Netto store. Netto gives you strong offers and a lot of other benefits, so you can get even more out of Netto.

1. Strong offers with Netto (" Offers" and "Personal Offers")
Netto is about you and what you like. We give you weekly strong Offers and monthly Personal Offers, which are selected based on your purchasing pattern. The more you use the Netto app, the more personal your offers become.

2. Buy 5 items and get the 6 free ("Stamp card")
Every month you get 3 new stamp cards in your Netto app which is valid for 30 days. If you buy 5 of the items that are on the stamp card, you will get the 6 item for free.

3. Freshness Guarantee and Receipt Overview ("Receipts")
Have you come home with a food or drink that is not 100% fresh? Use your app, send us a picture and get your money back on a voucher. Easy and fast.

4. Offers from Netto-avisen ("Netto-avis")
Read the offer newspaper and see all the current offers from Netto. You can also easily add items to your shopping list by clicking on the products in the Netto newspaper.

5. A shopping list you always have with you ("Shopping list")
Create a digital shopping list in your Net app. Quickly and easily add items to the shopping list. You can share the shopping list with family and friends, so you are sure to always come home with it all.

6. Check the price ("Check the price")
It is easy to check the price of items in the Netto store. Use the scanner in the Netto app to scan the item's barcode and find out the price of the item.

As part of your membership, we collect and process e.g. your purchase data and how to use the app to make Netto as relevant as possible for you. You can read more about the privacy policy at