Pur Video Player

By Asize Soft

Pur Video PlayerPur Video PlayerPur Video PlayerPur Video PlayerPur Video Player

With Pur Video Player you can:

- Play mainstream videos
- Download mainstream videos
- Use it as a normal player
- Open mainstream videos in your favorite player
- Participate in Asizesoft giveaways

How does the player work?

- To play or download a video, just paste the link of the video in question and hit play / download. < br> - If the server (ex: mixdrop, vidcloud, ...) where the video is hosted is among the servers supported by Pur Video Player, then the video will be played / downloaded.
- You can check the supported servers in the application.

What are the raffles?

- Asizesoft organizes a series of raffles from time to time, raffles where you can participate and win an object that is raffled. For more information about giveaways, see the App.

And advertising?

- The application contains advertising, you can remove it by watching a video of no more than 30 seconds from the application .

Need help?

- Telegram: http://t.me/purvideoplayer

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