SPAR Stickermania

By SPAR Österreich

SPAR StickermaniaSPAR StickermaniaSPAR StickermaniaSPAR StickermaniaSPAR Stickermania

The funniest from Stickermania 2020 now in 3D: Get the new SPAR Stickermania app!

On their journey through Africa, Oskar and Bo meet many crazy animals. In the free app you can experience their craziness up close at home. There's also a maze (beware, scary!) And a fun selfie feature.


Oskar and his best friend Bo are going crazy Travel through Africa, because something strange seems to be going on here: More and more animals are behaving completely crazy. The ostrich hops around like a kangaroo. The lion strikes wheels. The hippopotamus performs a belly dance. All of Africa is wild and more and more animals seem to be going crazy. The two friends try to find out what's behind it. Her adventure takes her on the trail of Mani-Banani, a thieving ring-tailed katta who has stolen a magical mask.

In the Stickermania app you can experience the crazy animals up close and help Oskar and Bo help them find magic mask. Done? Then a reward is waiting for you!

- Collect 16 crazy animals and experience them in 3D.
- Master the 3D maze and find Mani-Banani's secret hiding place!
- Your reward: Take selfies with five crazy animals.


In the free Stickermania app, your children can discover and interact with 16 African animals. The animals show their craziness and thus complete the adventure story in the Stickermania scrapbook. Recommendation: Test the orientation skills of the whole family in the labyrinth! We deliberately do without advertising, in-app purchases and tracking. Enjoy the AR experience with your children!