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State servicesState servicesState servicesState servicesState services

With the application "Public Services" public services and services are available at any time. To register, simply enter your name and phone number. Enter the application by pin-code, using face recognition or fingerprint.

Popular services and services of the application:
- checking and paying fines;
- controlling and paying off tax debts;
- checking debts with bailiffs;
- paying state duties at a 30% discount and car fines at a 50% discount;
- obtaining or replacing a passport, obtaining a passport of a Russian citizen, driving license;
- registering a car;
- registration at the place of residence;
- enrollment of the child in kindergarten and enrollment to the doctor online;
- payment of charges according to the QR code from the receipt.

- Pay for auto fines within 20 days from the date of the order to get a 50% discount. But do not delay payment for the last days - the payment may pass with a later date and there will be no discounts.
- There are informers in the application. They facilitate the search for fines, tax and court debts - the accrued amounts are visible as soon as you open the application. For informers to work, specify the TIN in the profile.
- To repay tax arrears, pay the tax amount and wait 10 days. During this time, the FTS will process the payment and take into account the debt. Only then pay the penalty. Tax arrears can be paid in installments.
- Use the multi-payment function to simultaneously repay debts to bailiffs, tax debts and auto fines.
- The data in the “Pension Account Details” are updated quarterly. To check whether the employer makes pension contributions for you, send a request to check the charges once every three months.
- The application adjusts to your location. Therefore, the public services catalog shows the services that can be obtained in your region.
- All messages and notifications on the Notification tab are displayed in chronological order. This is a diary of your events on the state services.
- Follow the status of sent applications in your personal account. So you’ll find out: when a statement about the registration of a car is registered, is a certificate of no criminal record ready, when it’s time to go to the reception to issue matcapital, what documents or information is not enough to get a driver's license or other service.
- If you started filling out an electronic application for a service from a laptop or computer, you can continue in the application and vice versa.
- Have any questions or have encountered a problem in the application, see the answer in Help. If you do not find the answer, please write in support of the mobile application.
- It is convenient to view auto fines - paid fines, traffic police fines and parking fines are distributed on separate tabs. There is a notification about the fine pedestrian.
- Information about children, the data of the OMS policy and passport are edited directly in the application.
- Add an avatar - a personal photo personalizes and protects your profile.
- To all users who received the service through application or portal of state services, we send a questionnaire. In it, you can evaluate the work of the department and state services. Your grades help us to become better. Gosuslugi - easier than it seems!

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