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Take driving licenseTake driving licenseTake driving licenseTake driving licenseTake driving license

BästaThe year's best driving license app 2014 - 2018
✅Over 800,000 satisfied customers (Android iOS)
✅Recommended by traffic schools around Sweden
✅Sweden's most popular and most downloaded driving license app
✅Includes everything to pass the true theory test

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The app "Take driving license" gives you all the necessary tools to pass the theory test. Through clear guidance and tests that automatically adjust to your level of knowledge, you will learn everything you need in a faster and smarter way.

Competing with your friends - Who is the master of driving license theory?
The whole book of books - also as audiobook.
Plug on the bus, flight or at home on the couch.

Do as over 800,000 other people , skip boring books and expensive theory lessons. The app has everything you need to pass the real theory test at the Swedish Transport Administration in a more fun and easier way.

When you have done all the steps, you are ready to write the theory test.
Filmed theory lessons with Sweden's best traffic teacher.
Complete the test on the first try!

Save Thousands on expensive driving lessons by looking at our instructional movies where we go through the important steps you need to take before your run-up. >
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✓ Over 1000 theory issues
✓ The entire book of books (also as audiobook)
✓ All road signs with explanation

✓ Challenge your friends (Quiz / Games)
✓ Movie clips - All important moments
✓ Detailed explanations for all theory issues
✓ Test that adapts to your knowledge
✓ Over 650 photographs from real traffic situations
✓ Pedagogically written questions
✓ Find nearest traffic school
✓ Exercise questions - Practice at your own pace
✓ Unlimited number of tests
✓ Erbj the outside
✓ Advanced search function
✓ Checklist
✓ Practice questions you have previously answered wrong on

✓ Dyslexian

✓ Customized for mobile and tablet
✓ Customer service over email
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Try our award-winning app and see for yourself why 800,000 people have chosen to use this app to study driving license theory.
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Facts are collected from secure sources such as: The Swedish Transport Agency, the Swedish Transport Administration, the Police, the STR, NTF and the Transport Portal.

We improve and update information several times a month.

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Good luck with the plucking!

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