By Slovak Telekom, a.s.


The Telekom application allows you to easily and conveniently manage your Telekom products. For mobile phone numbers, you can see how much data, minutes, and SMS you can use in a given month You can purchase data packages for home and roaming use. You can also add fixed line products (Magio Internet, Magio Television, landline) or other phone numbers to your app to keep all your products, nearby products, etc. together. Paying your invoices is very fast thanks to the option to save your card.

What Telekom allows:
- add all your mobile numbers and fixed line products to your application
- name your individual products
- simply track how many minutes, data and SMS you have left
- buy data when you are missing
- pay invoice with credit card
- top up credit on Easy card
- save card for faster payment
- lock application by fingerprint or PIN code < br> - Add a widget directly to your Home screen