The floor is lava!

By RedTower

The floor is lava!The floor is lava!The floor is lava!The floor is lava!

The popular challenge is now in your mobile! It's simple: download the app and start testing! Jump, collect coins and hide on the islands of escape from the emerging lava!

FLOOR IS LAVA - an application based on the challenges of the famous blogger Vlad A4! Hot lava, obstacles, adrenaline and ... a flying Lamba! - An incredible drive and a whole range of positive emotions are guaranteed! Compete with your friends, have fun and have fun!

In the game you will have to not only escape from the suddenly appearing lava, but also earn coins. After all, they can be spent on pumping items. This will greatly increase your chance of survival!

★ Character selection
★ Flying Lamba
★ Extra lives
★ Score multiplier
★ Leaderboards
★ Cool graphics
★ There is no time to get bored in the game!

Hold out for the maximum amount of time and set your own survival record! Good luck with the game! And remember, the floor can become lava at any second!
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