Accreditation 2020. Faculty of Medicine.

By Spravochnik Akkreditatsii

This tutorial is intended for graduates of the Faculty of Medicine, novice doctors. Students of the Faculty of Medicine can also find this handbook interesting to read.
The handbook is based on test tasks that will be used during the first stage of primary accreditation of specialists in 2020 in the specialty of General Medicine.
When familiarizing yourself with the test any questioned person faces a shaft of unsystematized questions, sometimes unfamiliar and poorly studied material at a medical university. In this regard, there is a need to somehow equip this shaft, "put it on the shelves." Therefore, the relevance of this training guide is very high and is not in doubt.
The accreditation test in the manual is systematized by sections, nosologies, systems. The team of authors tried to process and systematize the material, structure the guidebook in accordance with the main medical topics considered in the framework of the accreditation test questions.
The manual will improve the mastery of the tasks of the accreditation test, increase academic performance in passing the exam.
The team of authors thanks the future readers and wishes success with the initial accreditation of doctors!

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