By Rijksoverheid


If there is new mail, you will receive a notification. You log in with a pin code.

You link the app once with your DigiD to your MyGovernment account and create a personal pin code. This opens the app to read your post.

With the app you have access to the inbox, archive and recycle bin of your Message box on MyGovernment. You can read and move messages to the archive or recycle bin. If a message has an attachment, you can forward it, save it or open it in another app.

Currently it is not possible to adjust your preferences for organizations that send mail digitally to you. You can log in on the website of


The Message box app of MijnOverheid processes the IP address, the name and version of the operating system of your mobile or tablet, the unique characteristic of the mobile device and the choose 5-digit pin code.

By using the Message box app you agree to this processing, to which the following provisions also apply.

The user's personal data is processed in accordance with the General Regulation Data protection and the privacy statement on the MijnOverheid website ( Rules on the processing of personal data by MijnOverheid are included in the Decree on processing of personal data on generic digital infrastructure. Rules regarding the operation, security and reliability of MijnOverheid are included in the Regulations for Facilities GDI ( REGULgeving).

MijnOverheid (part of Logius) has appropriate technical and organizational security measures taken against loss or unlawful processing of the user's personal data.

The Message Box app complies with security measures similar to the security measures of the MijnOverheid website. The Message box app also uses the security mechanisms of the operating system.

The user is responsible for the security of his mobile device.

The Message box app can occasionally update via the app store are downloaded and installed. These updates are intended to improve, expand or further develop the Message Box app and may include solutions for program errors, advanced functions, new software modules or completely new versions. Without these updates it is possible that the Message box app does not function or does not function properly.

MyGovernment (part of Logius) reserves the right to offer the Message box app in the app store or (temporarily) stop the Message Box app.