Mindful Check-in

By mindnow AG

Mindful Check-inMindful Check-inMindful Check-in

Our free check-in solution with or without mandatory contact information. Check into your restaurant, cinema, club, sports club and many other locations now with the Mindful app. ????????????

With the Mindful app you can check in safely and conveniently at a location and save your data in encrypted form. Check in now with the Mindful app and enjoy it safely.

Your advantages:
✔️ Security with mandatory contact data
✔️ SSL encryption
✔️ BAG and data protection compliant
✔️ Check-in data is processed after 14 days completely deleted

It's that easy:
1. Download Mindful App
2. Enter contact details and verify cell phone number
3. Scan the QR code and check in
4. Done - enjoy now!
5. Check out with one click after your visit

• NEW: Enter full contact details immediately after installation and use them at all locations. No need to re-enter.
• No registration or login is necessary without contact data. You will only be contacted via push message.
• When checking in with mandatory contact information, the contact details are requested directly after the QR scan in order to check in successfully.
• Check-in now also with ID and SMS verification. Scan your ID to easily submit your contact details. You will receive a code via SMS to verify your phone number.
• Your contact details are locally encrypted on the device and stored securely in their encrypted form.

The Mindful Check-in app is available in German, French, Italian and English.