Swedish Calendar (Full Version)

By JAG Appar

Swedish Calendar (Full Version)Swedish Calendar (Full Version)Swedish Calendar (Full Version)Swedish Calendar (Full Version)Swedish Calendar (Full Version)

A simple Swedish calendar with holidays, flag days, name days and red days. "Moving" reds, weekends and flag days are postponed from 2013 until 2023. With this app you can add simple and colorful events / meetings / activities. Feel free to try out the free trial version before you buy it!

No arts. No advertising.

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Functions / Properties:
- Create / Change / Delete simple colorful events

- Select start time / end time for an event

- Event reminder from 0 to 120 minutes before start time.
- Choose from 35 nice colors for your events

- Choose from 5 different color themes

- Choose from 6 different backgrounds

- Copy and paste events.
- Move up and down events in the day view.
- Import and Export events.
- Jump quickly to date / month / year.
- Shows Swedish name days.
- Shows Swedish holidays.
- Shows Swedish flag days.
- Displays Swedish red days.
- Displays weekly numbers.
- Does not synchronize with Facebook / Google etc.

- No advertising.

The app requires the following permissions:
- Write / read from / to your device's memory.
This is for being able to create and retrieve backup files.
- Run at startup of unit.
This is to restore the reminders after your unit has been turned off.

Synonyms for Calendar:
time calculation, chronology, calendar, calendar, agenda, yearbook , annual publication.

Questions, feedback and comments are welcome to receive via e-mail.

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