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Flashes UNLOCKER opens all the features of the Salamat thunderstorm and deletes the ads.

Starting from version 1.05 of Salamat, you have:


The thunderstorm last night or last summer? Choose the day you want and start the animation - the time machine covers all the findings since 1998!

My Location
The application searches for your location and shows it on the map. Your location will be updated automatically or manually according to your choice. New: You can also save your current location with the name you want.

Save the coordinates of places of interest to your application. You can also mark any saved location as the starting point for the rangefinder.

Touch flash - the distance marker tells you the distance from your current location or any stored location to the lightning strike!

You can choose to access a more detailed map base or elevation map. You can also change the background color of the map and the color of the distance meter to your liking.

Download the latest version of the Flash application from Google Play:

Note. The Flash application is neither published nor maintained by the Finnish Meteorological Institute. The application uses the open interface of the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

Open Data License of the Finnish Meteorological Institute

License of the National Land Survey of Finland Open Data License
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